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Established in 1987 and based in Perth, Southern Cross Cleaning Services can clean office buildings, shopping centres, government departments, and more across Western Australia. We’re also proud to do high-quality work when clients request church cleaning in Perth.

Always Around the Client’s Schedule

Since we can send out team members at any time, our company can always work around Mass and other church services. Clients also choose how often we perform a given service. Whether inside or outside the church, employees will be respectful at all times.

Daily Cleaning Work

Churches have their daily cleaning needs, and we can handle them along with more specific requirements. We can:

  • Maintain bathroom facilities
  • Keep a steady supply of consumables
  • Empty waste bins and recycle rubbish


Floor Cleaning

We can clean the vestibules, the nave, and other areas that the client specifies. Carpets can receive a deep cleaning either through hot water extraction methods or through encapsulation; this will ensure that stains, allergens, bacteria, and mould are removed. If there are hard floors in an event room, we can sweep, mop, or vacuum them. We have soft-bristle brooms and dry mops for wood floors.

Other Areas

High-level cleaning is one common aspect of church cleaning in Perth. We have the equipment needed to reach the tallest stained glass windows and clean them. Crewmembers can also wash the outside with hydro cleaning techniques as well as wash the car park.

Give Us a Call

Employee safety is accounted for at all times, as reflected in the fact that we have the Silver WorkSafe Plan Certificate of Achievement. Southern Cross Cleaning Services has more than 140 contracts in Western Australia, and we’d like to make you one of our regular customers, too.
Whether it’s regular cemetery cleaning services in Perth or a one-time cleaning in a chapel, we’ll be able to handle any job. To receive a free quote, call us today.

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