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Southern Cross Cleaning Services is known for its government cleaning services in Perth and the rest of Western Australia. Because government buildings have strict cleaning guidelines, our more than 120 employees have all undergone thorough training. For our training program, we used resources available through the Building Services Contractors Association of Australia.

Our clients include:

  • Government offices ranging in size from 300 sqm to 30,000 sqm
  • 35 police stations and licensing centres
  • 28 Department for Child Protection and Family Support buildings

We even assist in the cleaning of the historical Hale House, which houses the Office of the Premier and the Cabinet Secretariat.


Ancillary Services

When it comes to office cleaning for government Perth clients, there are some services that come before all others, even those for aesthetic purposes. We can:

  • Maintain bathroom facilities
  • Supply toilet rolls, hand towels, and soap
  • Manage waste disposal and recycling

Our team can perform these every day at whatever hour the client chooses to let us in.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Keeping clean floors and carpets is important not only for the sake of appearances but for the health of employees and clients. Dirty carpets in particular can harbour mould and bacteria. We can send out crewmembers to:

  • Use hot water extraction or encapsulation to clean carpets
  • Mop or use an automatic scrubber to clean hard floors
  • Perform a strip and seal for added protection on hard floors

Miscellaneous Cleaning

If a government building has a lounge, our team will clean the fabric chairs and rugs so that these are also free from bacteria. Because such buildings need to be welcoming from the start, we’ll even make sure the car parks are clean.

Our government cleaning services in Perth also extend to churches. We’ll clean the vestibule, dust the pews, and make sure the nursery, if one is present, is a safe and germ-free place for the children.

For Peace of Mind

To address the often strict audits from external parties, we’ve set up several KPIs. We have Quality Assurance Certification, but our employees continually strive to improve their service. We also appoint site supervisors to inspect the work of our employees.

Finding office cleaning for government Perth clients is not a hard decision to make. Southern Cross Cleaning Services has been serving Western Australia since 1987, and we currently have over 140 regular clients. Call us for a free quote today.

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