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Other than a football game, there’s no place with a higher number of sweaty, running and jumping people than a gym. Sweat has quite the odour, and shower stalls can gather soap scum and mould with repeated use. We have significant experience with gym cleaning, and have the discipline and work ethic to get the job done.

Hard Work Pays Off

Our team of experts knows that cleaning fitness studios requires a significant amount of hands-on time spent cleaning the training equipment. From sweat marks and body oils on vinyl to smudges on the glass display of a machine, it all has to be cleaned. Local gym owners know that their attention to cleanliness and detail may be what makes a client choose them over a competitor.

We’ll use non-toxic cleaners and specialised equipment to remove skin flakes, sweat, mold and other contaminants, leaving your gym clean and fresh-smelling. Our staff will audit the quality of the Gym & Fitness Centre cleaning services we provide, and we’re always raising our standards for cleanliness.


Our Services

We do so much more than just clean your gym; we can offer other services such as those listed below.

  • Stripping and sealing of vinyl floors
  • Cleaning of carpets
  • Cleaning windows
  • Car park tidying
  • Removal of graffiti on exterior surfaces
  • Overall grounds maintenance
  • Stripping of hardwood floors
  • Steam cleaning of bathrooms and change rooms
  • Cleaning of tile and grout

Our Experience

Our team of gym cleaners are the industry’s most experienced, and we’re all fully licensed, insured and trained. Although we’re relatively new to the industry here in Australia, we are very popular with our workers, who put their experience to work for us.

Come to Us for Flexible Cleaning Services

We can customise our schedule to suit that of your facility, and we can deliver a custom plan that offers a mix of services that’s right for the way members utilise the gym. We know that it’s tough to manage a gym while keeping it safe, clean and hygienic. Call or click to learn more about our Gym & Fitness Centre cleaning services, and to find a company you can count on.

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