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Here are some of the most common consumables we supply to most of our commercial cleaning sites. No matter what type of business, these are used almost everywhere.

Most Common Consumables

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Hand Towels

Tork Xpress® Multifold Hand Towel / Slimline H2 Advanced

Slim Line Hand towel


Tork Xpress Multifold Hand Towels are the most popular hand towel we supply. It comes in an easy to store plastic cover with a handle, and the slimline packaging makes it great for storing in small areas.

This high quality hand towel is perfect for use in all types of ablution facilities including offices, sporting complexes, and public toilets.


Kleenex Towel Optimum Standard White 120 Sheets/Pack

Optimum Hand Towel

Kleenex Optimum Hand Towels are the premium quality hand towel we supply. It is has a superior softness, is strong, and extremely absorbent.

The dispensers hold a large capacity of the product and this helps in reducing the risk of running out. This product is very popular with prestigious offices and building that we services.


Bin Liners

Kwikmaster Kitchen Tidy Roll White 510x690mm 27LT

27 Litre Bin Liner

Kwikmaster Kitchen Tidy Roll 27 litre bin liners are available in both black and white and on rolls or flat sleeves.  

We supply these bin liners to 90% of our customers and they are used in kitchens, change rooms and in desk bins.  They are durable and are easy to remove and replace.


Kwikmaster Bin Liner Heavy Duty Black 760x900mm 72LT

72 Litre Bin Liner

Kwikmaster Heavy Duty Black 72 litre Bin Liners are bags we use for bulkier rubbish.  This product is available in black and white and also the natural bio degradable range.  

It’s great for collecting rubbish from office desk bins, tough enough for garden waste, and can also be used in larger kitchen bins.

Kwikmaster Bin Liner Heavy Duty Black 920x1200mm 140LT

140 Litre Bin Liner

Kwikmaster Heavy Duty Black 140 litre Bin Liner is a large bag that is perfect for oversized kitchen and external bins.  It’s also great for using in the small Sulo bins and for garden waste.

This product is available in black and white.  The natural bio degradable range is great for when recycling as most recycling facilities only recycle bags that are transparent.


Toilet Rolls

Premium Toilet Roll 2Ply 400 Sheet

2 Ply 400 sheet toilet roll

Pristine Premium 2 Ply 400 Sheet toilet rolls are the product we supply to 95% of our customers.  This quality toilet roll is soft but strong and very absorbent.

It fits a variety of domestic and commercial toilet roll dispensers. They are supplied in plastic wrapped cartons of 48 individually wrapped toilet rolls.


Tork Advanced Jumbo Roll 2ply 320m

Jumbo Toilet Roll

Tork Advanced Jumbo Toilet Rolls are supplied to our commercial and industrial customers who require large capacity in very busy facilities.

They are an excellent product that is soft and strong.  They’ll also fit a variety of dispensers that can hold up to two rolls.  The dispensers are available in heavy duty metal and vandal proof types.



Tork Premium Facial Tissues Cube 2 Ply


  • Tork Premium Facial 2 Ply facial tissues are available in the cube or the standard box size.
  • The cube is a great size for office desks with limited space.
  • This tissue is a quality product that is soft, strong, and very absorbent.
  • They are a cost effective product good for large offices, the cubes hold 90 sheets and are supplied in cartons of 24.



Allcare Glove Latex Pwd Nat Large

gloves natural powder

Latex Powdered Gloves are supplied to the majority of our cleaners to help protect against biological contamination that could be found in toilets, showers, and change rooms.

It is important that we provide suitable PPE when cleaning these areas to reduce any risk associated with infectious disease.

The gloves also provide protection for hands when using cleaning chemicals.

They are available in small, medium, large and extra large.


Katermaster Glove Vinyl Powder Free Blue Medi

gloves blue

Katermaster Blue Powder Free Gloves are provided to our cleaners who work in cafes, restaurants and police stations to help protect against biological contamination.  

They are durable and flexible, they do not inhibit the cleaners while cleaning and they also provide protection for their hands when using chemicals.  

They are available in small, medium, large and extra large.


Hand Soap

Deb Instant Foam Sanitiser 1L

Deb instant Foam

Deb Instant Foam Sanitiser is an alcohol based hand sanitiser.

This product is great for toilet facilities, change rooms, cafes and restaurants, and public areas.

They can be used in both push button and hands free dispensers that can be installed on glass or directly to the wall.  

They are popular with our clients who are looking for a product that can assist with the prevention of spreading germs.


Gojo Freshberry Foam Hand Wash 700ml Refill

Gojo Soap

Gojo Fresh Foam hand wash is a premium hand soap and is perfect for prestigious offices and buildings. This product has a nice botanical fragrance and includes a moisturiser and skin conditioner.

The dispersers are product specific and come in a variety of colours and styles.  They are also available in push button and hands free.