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When cleaning windows it is essential to follow all necessary safety procedures.  For example large window cleaning jobs, and window cleaning above ground level, both require a JSA (Job Safety Analysis) be completed prior to commencing work.


The specialised window cleaning equipment required for this type of job includes:

  • Window cleaning squeegee with blade (they are available in a variety of sizes)
  • Fabric/lamb’s wool washer
  • Extension Poles
  • Window cleaning bucket
  • Window cleaning detergent
  • Ladders
  • Micro Fibre Cloths or Chamois
  • Scraper or Blade (for removing tape etc)
  • Cobweb broom
  • “Cleaning in Progress” signs

Once you’ve collected all of the equipment required for the job, place the safety signage around the working area.  Then you can make your window cleaning solution using clean cold water and window cleaning detergent.

If a ladder is required, it is vital for your safety and the safety of those around you, that you put it in place ensuring you have three points of contact.  

Start by removing all cobwebs and loose dirt from the window and window frames with a cobweb broom.  If using poles check to make sure you have the right sized pole for the job.  

Using your window scraper you can get any stubborn and hard to remove dirt from the windows.  As an example, with internal windows you’ll notice this will typically be in the form of sticky tape or blue tac.

Applying the Window Cleaning Solution

Next, soak the fabric window washer in the cleaning solution, and wring it out to remove excess liquid so it is not too wet.  Apply the cleaning solution with the washer to the glass making sure you cover all areas.  It’s important to ensure you have even coverage and that there is a good lather of cleaning solution.

Using the Appropriate Window Cleaning Squeegee for Blade Cleaning the Glass

Select the appropriate window cleaning squeegee for the job and start to blade clean the glass.  When blade cleaning, place the rubber blade on the glass and hold the squeegee at a 45 degree angle.  For the squeegee to be effective it requires a firm action when pulling the blade along the glass.

Start by running your blade down the left hand side of the window frame (at a slight angle) from top to bottom to pull all dirt and solution away from the window frame.  Without taking your blade off of the glass, turn it and do the same from bottom to top, then across the top window frame, and then down the right hand side.

Keeping the blade at 45 degrees at all times, continue to move the blade around the window pushing the lathered solution towards the bottom of the window, leaving the glass clean and streak free.

Finishing it Off with a Dry Cloth

Using a clean dry cloth or damp chamois, wipe the top and side window frames and edges making sure there are no water runs or streaks on the glass. Finish by wiping dry the bottom of the window and frame.

Rinse and clean your fabric window cleaning washer and now you’re ready to move to the next window.